The aim of this policy is to provide guidelines for shipping by providing general information on the mechanisms of transportation and their associated risks. This guide provides basic facts about shipping. Transport is the essential link between supplier and receiver, and the aim is to receive the goods in good condition, when and where they are needed. The journey involved, whether over land, sea and/or air, may introduce certain costs and risks that can be mitigated by appropriate, insurance coverage, suitable packaging instructions, and by considering the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the chain of transport events up until final delivery to the client.

Purpose and Scope

This document contains information regarding shipping that is aligned with established business process and standard operating procedures within AdvanTec Global Innovations.

Shipping Policy

Shipment processing time

All orders will be completed based on the established lead times.

Shipment packaging

Crates will be utilized for large and heavy objects like machines, such as cranes, windows and doors. In addition to the outside packaging, product will be secured inside its packaging to prevent movement during shipping.

Boxes will be utilized for small parts orders. In addition to the outside packaging, product will be secured inside its packaging to prevent movement during shipping.

Payment and Storage

Payment terms are subject to the agreement between the customer and AdvanTec. If terms include payment prior to shipping, freight quotations (if appliciable) and final invoice will be provided minimum five (5) days prior to shipments availability for payment purposes.

Shipments may be subject to storage charges if agreed upon payment is not received within a maximum 10 day variance of the agreed upon payment due date. Storage fees depend on value of the shipments and insurance costs related to the unexpected necessary storage time and will be added to balance due invoices on a case by case basis depending on length of additional storage time required.

Shipping Rates & Delivery Estimates

Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and provided in quotation format.

For crated product modes of transportation are as follows:

Shipment Method Estimated Delivery Time Shipment Cost
Ocean Freight 20-42 business days Based on Quote
Air Freight 5-10 business days



Based on Quote
MOTOR CARRIER 2-10 business days Based on Quote


For DOMESTIC – USA small packages and parts:

UPS is AMU’s default small package carrier. If a customer has an account number for another option, they are more than welcome to use it.

Shipment Method Estimated Delivery Time Shipment Cost
UPS GROUND 3-7 business days Based on Quote
UPS 3 DAY – ORANGE 3 business days Based on Quote
UPS 2 DAY – BLUE 2 business days Based on Quote
UPS OVERNIGHT – RED 1-2 business days Based on Quote


For INTERNATIONAL small packages and parts:

UPS is AMU’s default small package carrier. If a customer has an account number for another option, they are more than welcome to use it.

DHL does not collect from our remote location.

Canada shipments are considered international shipments from the USA. Delivery time is on the low end of the estimated times below. Europe, Asia, eta.. is on the high end.

Shipment Method Estimated Delivery Time Shipment Cost
UPS STANDARD TBD – est. 4-10 business days Based on Quote
UPS EXPEDITED TBD – est. 3-6 business days Based on Quote
UPS EXPRESS TBD – est. 2-4 business days Based on Quote


Shipment to P.O. boxes or APO/FPO addresses

Ship to addresses which include P.O Boxes or AOP/FOP address will be accepted.

Shipping method will be USPS Priority via the Postal Service.

Shipment Confirmation & Order Tracking

Shipment Confirmation emailed with your invoice within 24 hours of shipping. Each email will contain your tracking number(s). The tracking number will be active within 24 hours of shipping.

Incoterms 2020 – All FREIGHT SHIPMENTS


EXW Ex Works CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid To
FCA Free Carrier DPU Delivered at Place Unloaded
FOB Free On Board DAP Delivered at Place
CIF Cost, Insurance, Freight
Loading at sellers premises B S S S S S S
Domestic or Local Cartage B S S S S S S
Trade Documents in country of export B S S S S S S
Export Customs Clearance and any duties or taxes payable upon export B S S S S S S
Loading at carrier’s terminal at origin B B S S S S S
Loading of vessel at port of origin B B S S S S S
International freight (main carriage) B B B S S S S
Transport Cargo Insurance B B B S S S S
Unloading of vessel at port of destination B B B B S S S
Unloading at destination terminal B B B N/A B S S
Trade documentation in country of import B B B B B B B
Import Custom Clearance and any duty or taxed payable upon import B B B B B B B
Domestic on-carriage/local carriage B B B B B B S
Unloading at buyers’s premises B B B B B S B

Buyer = B     Seller = S

Customs, Duties and Taxes

Customs, Duties and Taxes will be charged to the appropriate entitiy based on the negotiated Incoterms at the time of the order being placed.

Product Returns – RMA’s

1. Contact

Products that are returned to AdvanTec require a Return Material Authorization (RMA) which is issued by your AdvanTec representative. Products authorized to be returned on the RMA will be shipped to the return address as indicated on the RMA.

2. Product returns will be accepted that meet the following conditions:

  • Only products shipped from AdvanTec within the last 60 davs will be considered for return.
  • Any products that have been discontinued or made obsolete will not be considered for return.
  • Products that were specially configured for the customer will not be considered for return unless the return is due to an error made by AdvanTec.
  • Only products in saleable condition will be considered for return and credit. Saleable condition is defined as meeting the same Standards as newly manufactured/sourced products and must be in the original packaging with all the instructions, warnings, etc. AdvanTec reserves the right to determine saleability of a product. A refurbishment charge may be imposed to bring the material to its original specification.
  • The following information will be required to issue the RMA:
    1. AdvanTec invoice number & Customer P.O. number or Delivery reference number
    2. Date of purchase
    3. Part number / description / quantity
    4. Reason for the return

3. Shipping returns to AdvanTec with an RMA

AdvanTec should receive returned product(s) within 30 days after issuing the RMA. After the 30 days the RMA becomes void. Transportation of your products to AdvanTec may be charged to you. Instructions will be provided by AdvanTec representative to organize collection of the products to be returned.

4. Restocking Charge

AdvanTec will impose a 15% restocking fee on each product returned, unless the return is due to an AdvanTec error or where alternative arrangements have been agreed between both parties.

5. Return of products owing to AdvanTec shipping error (i.e., incorrect part number, incorrect quantity, etc.):

Customers must inform their AdvanTec respresentative of incorrect product(s) within 2 days after receipt of the product. If the error is due to AdvanTec, we will credit the incorrect products or replace the incorrect products free of charge pending the return of the incorrect products. If the product was ordered incorrectly by the customer, AdvanTec will still help to replace the incorrect part – but the cost will be the reponsiblity of the customer. If the customer was informed the part that was order had a no return policy then the customer will be fully responsible for replacing that item, with no return credit allowed.

Damages and Claims

When a consignment is delivered to the final destination, the carrier will request a receipt. The external condition of packages must therefore be verified. If in apparent good order, it is recommended that the endorsement be given along the following lines: “received in good external condition – contents unchecked.” This allows further action should discrepancies be noticed when unpacking. If, however, there are signs of tampering with the packages, then the receipt should be given with reservations such as: “cases broken, contents exposed/rattling/leaking, … cartons opened with signs of shortages.”

Notification of damage should be sent to AdvanTec within 48 hours of receipt. Claim processing (responsibility) will be based on the incoterms as noted above. For example, shipments that are EWX, the claim will be the respsonsibility of the buyer/customer. Shipments that are DAP will be the responsibility of AdvanTec (seller). In either case claims are to be processed within 30 days of receipt.

Please save all packaging materials and damaged goods before filing a claim.

AdvanTec will credit or replace the damaged products free of charge pending the damage investigate.

Order Cancellation and Delivery Delay Terms and Conditions

Order cancellation:

Orders, once acknowledged by AdvanTec, may not be cancelled without express written authorization by AdvanTec. If and when authorized, order cancellation fees of 15% may apply.

Delivery Delays/Consequential Damages:

Delivery dates are approximate and AMC/AMU shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay in shipment, including such as may be caused in whole or in part by fire, flood, windstorm, earthquake, other acts of God, strikes, labor troubles, civil commotion, riot, war, civil or military authority, priorities, epidemics, quarantine restrictions. Delay resulting from any such cause shall extend shipping dates for a commercially reasonable period of time. AMC/AMU shall in no event be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages arising from delay, irrespective of the reasons for delay. AdvanTec is not responsible for internal carrier delays; such as late arrivals for planes, or mechanical issues.