Replacing a Cast Hatch Actuator or Escape Handle

Replacing a Cast Hatch Actuator or Escape Handle

You have purchased a premium Freeman product.
Proper installation and maintenance will insure years of service.


These instructions are for the replacement installation of a Freeman Marine supplied actuator or escape handle into a Freeman Marine cast hatch.


Items needed to complete this job

  • Actuator or Escape Handle
  • Knurled pin – supplied in shipment
  • 1/4" punch
  • Hammer
  • Tef-Gel or other suitable lubricant
  • Sturdy work surface


The required knurl pin has been supplied.

  1. Fully support the center shaft of the hatch on a sturdy work surface. Using a ¼” punch, drive the pin out of the actuator on the bottom of the shaft. The knurled end should be the first end out.
  2. Remove actuator from shaft.
  3. Coat the knurl pin with Tef-Gel or other suitable lubricant.
  4. Slide the replacement actuator or escape handle onto the shaft with the handle arms pointed down.
  5. Align the hole in the shaft with the hole in the actuator or handle.
  6. Again, carefully support the center shaft while driving the new knurl pin into the actuator or escape handle.
  7. Drive the knurl pin into the hole - SMOOTH END FIRST.
ISO 755-02-09
REV 27OCT2003
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